3 Way Hopscotch
3 Way Hopscotch
£442.80 £369.00
Circle Hopscotch
Circle Hopscotch
£214.80 £179.00

4 Way Hopscotch

£874.80 £729.00
  • 4 way
  • Improve eye/hand coordination 
  • Manage body rhythm
  • Dimensions: 5.71m x 5.72m

This 4 way hopscotch is from our range of traditional, timeless games that children love without the need for chalk.  They will enjoy playing with their friends, throwing bean bags onto each number until they reach the end.  This classic game will help children improve body control, build strength and manage body rhythm.  They will also benefit from better eye/hand coordination.  Being 4 way means larger groups of children can play at one time.

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