About Easy Markings

Easy Markings is a one-stop-shop for unique thermoplastic markings, to brighten up your playground! We aim to take the hassle out of the process by cutting out unnecessary consultations and providing you with a quick and easy service to transform your playground, whatever the shape or size!

From numeracy to nature and everything in between, we aim to cover as much of the curriculum as possible. It’s our aim to bring colour to every playground and provide children with engaging and exciting activities.

We take out the middle man and put the tools in your hands. The playground is your canvas.


Meet Kevin

About me:

Favourite animal: Squirrel (did you know squirrels plant thousands of new trees each year just by forgetting where they put their acorns – we’ve all been there)

Favourite school subject: Art

Favourite sport: Tennis!

Favourite game: I Spy

Favourite place: Wherever my canvas takes me

Favourite food: Mac and Cheese

Favourite hobby: Doodling!

Favourite memory: Receiving my first paintbrush for my birthday as a little artist

I started designing markings after I dropped a pot of paint as I was walking down the street. The splash on the ground inspired me and I realised there was an enormous canvas waiting for me underneath my feet!

As the Resident Thermoplastic Artist, my responsibilities include:

  • Drawing, designing and creating new markings
  • Helping you choose the right markings for your playground
  • Answering your questions and helping you along the way
  • Running the Easy Markings Twitter and Facebook accounts


I am so happy that you have stumbled across my gallery. I am here every step of the way.