Basketball Court Markings

£754.80 £629.00
  • Classic Basketball
  • Encourages strategic thinking
  • Add colour and fun to your Nursery Playground 
  • Dimensions: 29m x 15m

Our classic basketball court markings are designed to be long-lasting and durable to ensure your basketball court stays clearly marked. All basketball court markings are designed to be non-slip to help reduce the risk of injury to your students from falling over.

Our team is able to install all basketball court markings on any premises, our teams are DBS checked to ensure the safety of students.

This classic ludo game for nursery playgrounds can be played using bean bags or colourful counters.  Alternatively, why not encourage the children to explore for natural materials such as twigs and stones. Whilst children have fun playing this game, they will not only challenge themselves, but will develop their strategic thinking skills.

An excellent way of enhancing any plain tarmac playground is to add exciting and colourful graphics. Our Thermoplastic Playground Markings are long lasting, self-cleaning, extra reflective, free of lead and chromates, non-slip and are available in excess of 100 different designs and colours!