What Are The Best Playground Games For Kids To Play Together?

Government guidelines advise school age children should take part in at least 60 minutes of exercise a day. Break time is the perfect opportunity to do this and playground markings can be a fantastic way to encourage children to remain active however, it isn’t just activity that playground markings are ideal for. Playground markings are also fantastic for encouraging young ones to socialise. With that in mind, today we’re looking at the best playground games for kids to play together.

Board Games

Playground Board games are great as they require a minimum of two players and when there are two children enjoying themselves and laughing, it’s guaranteed to attract more children. From snakes and ladders to chessboards, all of them require little ones to talk and work together, helping young ones learn to socialise without even realising it.

Sports Courts

Team sports are another great way to encourage children to socialise and actively work together. Not only are they having to talk and interact but they’re all working towards one common goal which makes sports courts a fantastic addition to any playground. From football to netball, basketball to tennis, sport courts are guaranteed to get children working and playing together quickly.


Playground Mazes are excellent for teaching children about problem solving. They’re also amazing at encouraging children to lean on one another and learn from each other. From line mazes to circular mazes and even cat and mouse mazes, there are a plethora to choose from, all ideal for encouraging socialisation in an inclusive manner.


Competitiveness in games is great. It doesn’t just teach children that they need to work hard in order to win but it also teaches children about losing and what it means to take part. Target markings are also incredibly versatile as they can be enjoyed by one child, two children or a whole group of children and can be utilised however the children want, whether they throw bean bags or make up their own games.

Traditional Games

Just because we played a game during our years at school, doesn’t make it something that couldn’t be enjoyed today. Traditional playground games, such as our traditional playground markings are some of our most popular options and they include firm favourites like Twister, Hopscotch, Noughts & Crosses and more. These are ideal for pairs or even groups playing in relays.

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Games markings are an absolute must-have for any playground. Our thermoplastic playground markings will actively encourage children to remain active and play together of their own choosing and can also be utilised as part of outdoor learning too. If you’d like help and advise picking the right games markings for your playground, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 0203 301 3108. We can help you create a playground that doesn’t just encourage exercise and fun but a playground that aids with young ones and their socialisation skills, as well as a whole host of other developmental points.