While our products here at Markings UK are built to last with 5 year warranties and a robust reputation, every playground will eventually arrive at a stage where it needs a little revamp or repair. The question for most however is when is the best time to plan your playground marking updates?

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It’s Worth Planning Ahead

While the installation of playground markings doesn’t take the same amount of time as the installation of climbing frames for example, it’s worth planning ahead to ensure you’re in a good position to focus on your playground markings update. Planning ahead also gives educational facilities such as schools the time they need to implement fundraising efforts. Whether this is through sponsorship via local businesses or even raising money through parent association events; having funds to hand makes playground upgrades a lot easier on both your wallet and your stress levels.

During School Holidays

It should come as no surprise that having upgrades on your playground during school holidays makes the entire process a lot easier too, and right now, schools are already planning for their next upgrades to take place during the upcoming summer holidays. By planning their upgrades now, many are taking advantage of our clearer schedules and picking the best possible dates for them, to work around their summer holiday clubs and other scheduled upgrades throughout the school itself. By leaving it to the last minute, many find themselves losing out as companies such as ourselves here at Markings UK become fully booked, leaving playgrounds in a continued state of disrepair even when children return to school in September.

When Works For You

Do note however, that our teams are as flexible as you may need them to be, offering out of hours services to work around your educational setting, should you be in a position that requires upgrades to take place now. Whether it’s evenings or weekends, we can help you upgrade your playground markings with our thermoplastic markings that come with a 5 year warranty thanks to their tough and robust nature. These non-slip markings are guaranteed to make your playground not only more interactive but a lot more physically appealing.

Plan Ahead Where Possible

We understand that there may be numerous occasions where upgrades are needed more urgently, however where possible, it’s always best to plan ahead. Here at Easy Markings UK, our team is only too happy to help you prep and design your space to utilise it to the maximum. With some forward thinking and planning in place, we can really make the most of your space with our non-slip thermoplastic designs. Don’t believe us? Check out our range of products available online; from educational to sports to play - we have it all.

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