Playgrounds began to appear in towns and schools around the 1950’s. They began as rather large sand pits and over time, they evolved. Playground equipment slowly took on a new meaning and as with most things in life, we as people evolved, learning what not to do and more importantly, what we should be doing, case in point, playground equipment safety and structure.

Since the 1950’s, playground equipment has come a long way. Not only have we begun to ensure playground equipment is manufactured to meet certain health and safety standards, but we’ve learned about playground equipment placement, the role particular equipment can have on a child’s development and so much more.

Playground markings are no different and over time, have not only evolved to provide more activity but have become far safer and even more durable. How? Through the introduction of thermoplastic markings.

The Evolution Of Playground Markings

Just a small leap back in time will see us in playgrounds with playground markings that were simply hand painted on with regular paint. The markings themselves were basic, usually consisting of a football or netball pitch and perhaps the odd hopscotch layout. While this was great for its time, these paint based playground markings never really stood the test of time.

They were either repeatedly painted by school caretakers or, if this wasn’t an option due to time and/or manpower constraints, simply became faded and patchy. Not only were they unsightly but on closer inspection, many found the paint to be toxic.

Thankfully, times have certainly changed and along with more sophisticated playground equipment, we now have far more sophisticated playground markings too. So what’s the difference?

Thermoplastic Playground Markings Are The Way Forward

Here at Markings, we’re proud to boast a new and improved range of playground markings in the form of thermoplastic playground markings. Our thermoplastic playground markings aren’t just non-toxic and non-slip, unlike the paint used in the days of old but they can last up to 8-10 times longer than regular paint too. That means that not only are they safer but they’re a far better investment for educational settings looking to get better value for money.

We can also offer a far wider range of thermoplastic markings too, from road track markings for teaching road safety to sports courts and even literacy and numeracy inspired playground markings that can help encourage learning through play. Our playground markings have come a long way since the very first hand painted lines, in fact, ours are not only incredibly safe and long lasting but they’re colourful, enticing and the perfect accompaniment for any education setting.

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