Welcome to Easy Markings! Playground markings experts. We’re a brand-new online store that caters for the easy ordering and installation of thermoplastic playground markings. Unlike other business’, we let you order our designs and installations online, with no need for lengthy site visits. This is all enabled by our robust ordering system.

We have innovated by putting all of our product information online for you to review, choose the products you want and easily budget. A quick self-survey will help you determine your requirements. If you are ever unsure, our customer services team is here to help!

All our markings were designed in house by our resident creative, Kevin! You’ll see him all around Easy Markings giving a helping hand. Keep an eye out, as he will be unveiling an even easier way to design and plan out your new playground markings.

Start browsing our wide range of products now! Want some assistance? Our customer services team is more than happy to help.