All kinds of play enhance a child's opportunity for fun, growth and learning, especially playgrounds where adventurous little minds and bodies can completely run riot safely. Within well-designed playgrounds, children can benefit greatly from bright, beautiful thermoplastic markings - the most modern way to decorate a playground or public play space for children. 

If you’re thinking of installing some colourful game patterns, cute animal imagery or court markings using thermoplastic, you’re probably curious as to what this innovative product is made from. It’s being paid for and being placed in a space where children will touch it, so it makes sense to do your due diligence and find out why this trusted markings product is appropriate, and a better option than paint. Let’s take a closer look:


What Is Thermoplastic Made From?


First used in America in the 50’s, thermoplastic for playgrounds is a sheet of plastic polymer that is cut into shapes and designs like numbers, characters and court markings. These designs can be pre-made, or they can be made to bespoke design specifications, so you can have a special image shape or colour scheme unique to your establishment.


  • The plastic polymer within thermoplastic markings is a type of plastic that becomes mouldable when it is heated.
  • It is then applied to your playground, before drying in as little as 30 minutes after installation.
  • Once dried, the markings are stuck to the surface of the tarmac, they do not leach into the ground and water system, and are likely to last over a decade with minimal fading.
  • The markings are non-toxic, reflective and anti-slip, actively improving not only the aesthetic of the playground, but the safety of the surface, too. 


Often, the durability of thermoplastic is impacted by the quality of the surface the markings are laid onto. We use a primer to ensure the thermoplastic markings have a great chance of lasting a long time, and even without it, the markings will last a long time on a surface. However, you can avoid replacing or having to otherwise maintain the markings prematurely by having the best possible surface (including primer) for the markings to stick to at installation time.


Speak To Markings For More Information About Innovative Thermoplastic Playground Designs


For more information on why thermoplastic markings are the smart choice for your playground design, speak to the Markings team for more information. 

We provide a huge range of pre-made designs, options for unique design choices and a totally hassle-free service. We have over 20 years experience providing exceptional thermoplastic playground markings across the country, and we even offer a 5 year warranty for our markings too. 

Speak to the team today to find out how our markings can transform your playground, providing better play and learning options for your pupils season after season, year after year.