If you’ve browsed our equipment, you may have come across a marking known as the Daily Mile Running Track. This piece of equipment is utilised in line with the scheme known as the Daily Mile. If you haven’t heard of the Daily Mile - allow us to explain. The Daily Mile is there to help improve not only the physical but the emotional wellbeing of all children, regardless of factors such as age, ability or even personal circumstance. The Daily Mile is a physical activity that encourages children to walk, jog or run at their own pace, outside with their peers.

While walking is allowed, jogging and running are further encouraged in order to get the blood pumping, the heart rate up and children awake and ready to learn. The Daily Mile scheme is now expanding, with local councils, schools and more making the most of this activity. Why? Because it works. Not only is it convenient, taking place on average in as little as 15 minutes, but there’s no set up or need to utilise equipment day in and day out apart from a simple playground marking that can be installed and used for years to come.

From Early Years To Secondary School…

From early years settings to secondary schools, the Daily Mile Track is a fantastic addition to any playground. It can be utilised by any child making it one of the most inclusive pieces of equipment available. There’s no tidying up and no need for children to change as many achieve a mile or more in their school uniform. Regardless of the weather, children are able to enjoy the fresh air and staff are able to enjoy a more awake class, ready and raring to interact and learn after a quick mile outside on the track.

The Daily Mile Track You Need

Here at Easy Markings, we have a selection of Daily Mile Running Tracks for you to choose from, complete with markers as well as start and finish lines. In order to provide complete flexibility for those with smaller budgets, our prices start from just £399 ex VAT and go up according to the running track you’re looking at. All of our markings can be installed with ease by our team and provide a safe, non-toxic and non-slip playground marking that lasts many more years than regular paint.

You Need A Daily Mile Running Track

The Daily Mile is a great initiative for any school to be taking part in. It not only encourages activity in children, but also helps improve their overall fitness, making them more aware of their own health and fitness too. It also introduces healthy competition between peers, for any and all abilities. If you think you could benefit from a Daily Mile Running Track, we recommend getting in contact today. We’ll happily discuss all three options available to you and what they offer. For more information, contact us today on 0203 3013108.