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  • Teach basic time reading skills
  • Colourful design
  • Dimensions: 3.00m

Eye-catching and durable playground clock markings.

These days, playground markings don’t have to be inaccurate, dull patterns that fade extremely quickly. There’s no need for children to stop having fun at playtime as the painted markings wear down and become washed out, colourless and lack lustre.

Instead, vibrant, attractive thermoplastic markings are the gold standard, offering appealing, hard-wearing results designed to last.

Thermoplastic Markings Benefits:

  • Bright and vibrant
  • Precise application
  • Dry and set in less than 30 minutes
  • Quick application
  • Over 100 colours available
  • Free from nasty chemicals
  • Extremely durable all year round
  • Self cleaning
  • Non-slip
  • Naturally more reflective than paint

We provide playground clock marking installation using the latest thermoplastic technology. Playground clock markings are incredibly popular because they reflect the learning environment whilst providing various additional benefits for the pupils who interact with them.

Playground Clock Marking Benefits:

  • Great opportunity for creative maths lessons
  • Helps students learn how to tell the time
  • Encourages children to socialise
  • Assists young children in learning the time
  • Attractive playground centrepiece
  • Encourages learning outdoors
  • Encourages learning during playtime
  • Helps children to learn using physicality
  • Can be used for multiple game types
  • Encourages imaginative play

A playground clock marking is a great idea for any school who wants a beautiful, immersive pattern that truly engages pupils.

Within as little as 30 minutes after our team has applied this popular playground choice, children can start to engage with the clock and begin to gain all the benefits above and more.

We also encourage all educational facilities to consider choosing their own clock colours to create a unique marking for the school. We offer over 100 different colours of thermoplastic so your children can enjoy their very own unique clock pattern colour scheme in their outdoor space.

Once you’ve chosen your colours our dedicated team can design and place the playground clock quickly, with a guarantee of five years after installation.

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