Frog Hopscotch

£306.00 £255.00
  • Frog design
  • Improve eye/hand coordination 
  • Manage body rhythm
  • Dimensions: 3.02m

Hopscotch is a hugely popular game that children of all ages will enjoy playing. While many use chalk to create their favourite game’s grid, here at Easy Markings, we’re offering you a safe and durable way to provide hopscotch to young ones and that’s with the help of our Thermoplastic Markings. 

Enjoy a fun and character playground marking version of Hopscotch, better known as Frog Hopscotch, made from non-slip, long-lasting thermoplastic that’s guaranteed to keep young ones happy and engaged from the moment they lay eyes on it. This exciting frog design is perfect for younger children within a nursery setting, helping them improve not only their hand and eye coordination but their number recognition too. 

The bright colours of our Frog Hopscotch will also ensure even the most plain tarmac playground looks fun and exciting for all children, whether that’s in an educational setting or a public park.

Here at Easy Markings, we ensure you receive only the very best, which is why we choose to use thermoplastic, a material considered far more durable and robust than the likes of regular paint. It’s also non-slip making it a much safer addition to playgrounds for young ones from nursery through the junior school age and beyond. With professional installation services to hand, there’s never been a better reason to make your playground one that all children will want to spend time in. For more information on our Frog Hopscotch playground markings, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.