Easy Markings Installation Policy

Thank you for choosing Easy Markings!  We are very excited to assist with upgrading your play area, but we just need to cover some pre-requisites. Unsure if you meet our guidelines or have bespoke requirements? We are here to help and are happy to answer any queries you may have.


Site Accessibility

Must be able to traverse to the installation area with easy access for our trollies. You must notify us prior to ordering if the only access route is via a building or is longer than 50m away from parking.


Area Requirements

We can only install thermoplastic markings onto good, well maintained tarmac surfacing. Markings can not be installed onto eroding surfacing. For installation, the surface must be free of obstruction, moss and dirt. If the surface is not fit for purpose, we may be forced to leave site and incur additional fees. We are more than happy to review photos of your area to see if our products will adhere correctly.

Markings cannot be installed in heavy rain or snow, or when the temperature is below 5° Celsius.

Due to how thermoplastic markings are installed, any flammable objects should be a minimum of 1 meter away from the markings.

It is your responsibility to check our products will fit before ordering. Prior to adhering the thermoplastic markings to your surface, we will confirm the design and location with you.

If applicable, we will cordon off the area during the marking application. We will then open the area back up again once the installation is complete and the order has been signed off by both our team and you.


Minimum Order Value

We have a £1000 order total minimum order value.


Updated June 2021. Download PDF