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Playground Markings Essex

Are you looking for playground markings in Essex? Then you’ll be pleased to know you’ve found one of the South East’s leading suppliers of playground markings, offering education and sports markings, all of which encourage physical activity where and when possible.

Whether you’re looking for a multi-court style playground marking to make the most of the limited playground space you have or instead, are in need of literacy and numeracy markings, we have everything you need.

Markings For Every Playground Need

All of our playground markings are available in a wide range of colours, providing a vibrant aesthetic to any concrete playground space. Whether you’re looking at our playground maths, numbers and grid markings or even our daily mile track markings, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting quality markings that are guaranteed to look as good as new for many years to come. So much so in fact that we offer a 5 year warranty with all of our thermoplastic playground markings.

Not only are they a great additional aesthetic within the playground but they’re also an incredible solution for those wanting a low cost investment that can help improve facilities. From team sports to simple play markings, we have an incredible range, all of which are non slip, non toxic and guaranteed to last longer than any paint markings.

A Cost-Effective Investment

Playground markings are an incredibly cost-effective investment for any learning facility, be it a junior and secondary school or a nursery and preschool setting. Our thermoplastic will provide a safe addition that will actively encourage young ones to keep moving and continue learning without them even realising.

To make it even easier, we also have a DBS checked team of professionals to make installation as simple as possible. With over 20 years in the industry, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands every step of way and will receive professional installation to ensure a long lasting product.

A Wide Variety Of Playground Markings Available

We offer a huge variety of playground markings, from games such as board games, courts and mazes to roadways that include buildings, signs and even vehicles. We also have educational letters and number grids as well as trails and tracks, shapes and prints and even characters for those in the early years setting.

Contact Markings Today

If you’d like more information on our thermoplastic playground markings in Essex, or even our installation team that boast over 20 plus years experience, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on +44 2033 013 108 or email us via [email protected]. Our thermoplastic markings have been crafted specifically to maximise your budget and their, all at the same time.