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Playground Markings For Nurseries

As soon as they are old enough to walk and explore the world for themselves, nursery playgrounds become realms of exploration and joy for pre-school age children. In this regard, playground markings for nurseries should offer so much more value to these early experiences.

There can be little doubt that the vibrant colours of modern markings provide more excitement and engagement than drab paintings or weather-worn markings. At Easy Markings, we make it straightforward to find the sort of playground markings that would be suitable for your nursery setting.

Read on to find out why our thermoplastic markings are ideal in nursery playgrounds and how we aim to make these settings as fulfilling as possible for all pre-schoolers.

The Choice of Playground Markings in Nursery Settings

To begin with, playground markings for nurseries need to be suited to quite an age range. Youngsters who have yet to see their first birthday right up to children who are five will often be in nursery settings multiple times a week.

As such, your choice of playground markings needs to cater to many different educational needs. That's why we offer such a great deal of choice. For example, our colourful shapes and prints will make a playground more appealing to little ones who may be taking their very first steps in such an environment. Check out our footprints, dinosaur prints and solid geometric shapes to give you an idea of the sort of thing that will add vibrancy to the outdoor play sessions of any nursery.

There again, we also provide anti-slip thermoplastic playground markings that will help younger children to begin understanding characters and animals through their explorative play. Popular examples include our ladybird design, our pterodactyl and our friendly dog. There again, we offer buddy stops and quiet areas where children can learn to go if they want a break from others or to find someone to play with. At nursery age, both cooperative and solo play are great ways of learning and our graphics help to promote both.

Easy Markings – The Perfect Choice For Playground Markings For Nurseries

At Easy Markings, we also offer an extensive range of buildings, signs and vehicles which can be used to contextualise the sorts of things younger children will see every day on their way to and from their nursery. There are also many playground markings that are designed to promote basic numeracy and literacy.

Our alpha spiral graphic and our 1 to 10 snail design are two perfect examples of just these sorts of nursery markings. There again, we also provide superb game markings, such as hopscotch, noughts and crosses and Mr Wolf, to name but three. All are ideal in nursery settings, of course.

Whichever markings your nursery opts for, they will play an important and ongoing role in the play children will take part in. This will be the case for the current and future generations of nursery attendees, with each fresh intake able to discover the fun that is to be had with our high-quality playground markings. We will install, long-lasting and weather-resistant playground markings professionally with a team of installers who all have the necessary DBS checks.

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