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Playground Markings For Schools

School playgrounds should offer children the chance to clear their heads and play games informally so they are ready for their classroom-based activities when their formal education recommences after a break.

In this sense, playground markings for schools can help to fire the imaginations of children as well as providing a wider context for their games to take place in. Of course, high-quality thermoplastic playground markings will also necessarily make schools brighter and more fun, too.

Even so, their visual appeal goes way beyond merely offering some much-needed vibrancy in a school playground setting – they can also provide educational support, as well. This is why we offer such a large range of standard playground markings for schools at Easy Markings, as well as our bespoke solutions. What makes our playground markings so useful in schools?

The Variety of Playground Markings For Schools On Offer

At Easy Markings, we know that most schools operate within tight budgetary constraints which means that you need to obtain the best value for money you can for any expenditure you make. In this regard, the thermoplastic playground markings we produce provide an extremely good option.

Not only will they last a very long time without fading in the sun, but they will make your playground so much more appealing to children and parents alike. By brightening up the place, you can instantly create a more favourable first impression of your school as well as providing your pupils with a playground they will get more enjoyment from.

Our educational ranges of playground markings include graphs, number squares, alphabet snakes and A to Z caterpillars, to name but a few. We also offer high-quality sports court markings for football, tennis, netball and a range of other physical activities, such as running, jumping and even traditional games like piggy in the middle.

There again, why not check out our trails and tracks as well as our geometric shapes and animal characters? They all provide opportunities for learning whether they are utilised by children informally or as part of a lesson plan.

Why Choose Easy Markings For Your School's Playground?

To begin with, our playground markings for schools will be installed by a team of experts who know exactly how to achieve the best results. With over twenty years of accumulated know-how in school playground markings, you could not choose more wisely than opting for Easy Markings.

All of our team members will have the necessary DBS checks. What's more, the ordering service can take place without any need for a prior site survey. Simply choose your school's thermoplastic markings online and we'll take care of the rest.

Even better, our playground markings are non-toxic and anti-slip which makes them safe for children in all weather conditions. As you might expect of a reputable company like Easy Markings, our installations come with a five-year warranty period, too, so you won't be disappointed. Why not browse our huge selection of playground markings for schools or drop us a line and we'll be in contact?

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