Outline Shapes (Each)
Outline Shapes (Each)
£30.00 £25.00
Duck Prints (Per pair)
Duck Prints (Per pair)
£18.00 £15.00

Solid Shapes (Each)

£46.80 £39.00
  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Builds confidence
  • Various colours
  • Can be used for outdoor lesson time
  • Dimensions: Each shape is 500mm high

These solid shapes will be a vibrant addition for your nursery play area.  Teachers can use the playground markings during outdoor lessons, teaching the children all about various shapes, or perhaps they can encourage the children to search their surroundings and find natural materials or equipment that match the shape they are standing on.  During playtime, children will be drawn to the bright colours, and can create their own games.  This will improve their commincation skills and boost confidence during play.

An excellent way of enhancing any plain tarmac playground is to add exciting and colourful graphics. Our Thermoplastic Playground Markings are long lasting, self-cleaning, extra reflective, free of lead and chromates, non-slip and are available in excess of 100 different designs and colours!