Netball Court Markings
Netball Court Markings
£642.00 £535.00
Short Tennis Court Markings
Short Tennis Court Markings
£134.40 £112.00

Tennis Court Markings

£586.80 £489.00
  • Tennis Court
  • Encourages strategic thinking
  • Add colour and fun to your Nursery Playground 
  • Dimensions: 24m x 11m

Quickly fading, dull and inaccurate painted markings are now a thing of the past, thanks to the gold standard in playground markings - thermoplastic. With thermoplastic sports markings, you can enjoy season after season of bright, vivid, accurate designs that stay in exceptional condition, even after heavy use or excess exposure to sun and rain.

Thermoplastic Benefits:

  • Installed quickly
  • Ready to use in as little as half an hour after application
  • Quality is maintained year on year
  • Detailed, impressive colour
  • Anti-slip
  • Self cleaning
  • Free from lead and chromate
  • Precise and clean lines
  • Reflective

We provide Tennis court markings using tough thermoplastic. Tennis court markings are requested regularly because the game is incredibly popular, providing a wealth of benefits for kids and young adults.

Tennis Benefits:

  • Builds strength & muscle tone
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • HIIT workout style every game
  • Encourages kids to move more
  • Facilitates time in nature
  • Increases aerobic capabilities
  • Encourages socialising & teamwork
  • Supports bone health
  • Helps with stress reduction

Of course, Tennis is also a lot of fun to play, and within just half an hour of Tennis court markings being laid, these rich, bright-coloured, anti-slip designs can be enjoyed by pupils of all ages during PE, in after-school clubs and during playtime, where they can enjoy all of the above benefits and more.

We would also love for you to have a look at all our additional sports markings and playground designs, so that with our help, we can put together the perfect outdoor space for your needs. We can also provide any design in over 100 different colours, so your Tennis court and other markings are individual to your facility.

Once you have selected the beautiful outdoor markings you would like in your playground, our experienced team will be happy to design and install your high-quality, durable markings using our speedy installation service, complete with 5 year warranty.