Throw Fan
Throw Fan
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Whale Target
Whale Target
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Turtle Target

£708.00 £590.00
  • Build confidence
  • Team building
  • Improve confidence
  • Dimensions: 2.61m x 2.70

This smiling turtle playground marking will be a colourful and educational addition to your play area. Encourage children to take part in group activities during play and outdoor lesson time, competing and learning good sportsmanship.  Each child can throw a bean bag and see which number it lands on, also teaching them basic maths skills whilst having fun. Set the children challenges during PE lessons to see who can reach the highest number, and encourage the children to add and keep score. 

An excellent way of enhancing any plain tarmac playground is to add exciting and colourful graphics. Our Thermoplastic Playground Markings are long lasting, self-cleaning, extra reflective, free of lead and chromates, non-slip and are available in excess of 100 different designs and colours!