Playground games aren’t just a great way to keep children entertained during their break times, they’re also a fantastic way to keep children active and help with vital development, especially for those of a younger age. From encouraging more socialisation amongst children to helping increase their fitness and even their own awareness of their health, it’s safe to say the benefits of playground games are obvious to the majority. The problem however, is choosing the right games for your school, especially when there are so many to choose from.

Sports Courts

Sports courts are a super versatile way to introduce games into a playground. Not only do they offer a perfectly laid out court for games such as netball, tennis, basketball and football but they can also be utilised when playing other games too, thanks to the definitive markings and divisions. Children can use their imaginations to create their own sports games or of course, play the old fashioned games like run outs and more.


Mazes are great as they can be utilised by a single person as well as a group. This means regardless of how many people decide to play, there’s still a great deal of fun to be had. We have a range of mazes available to suit a range of ages too, making the maze the ideal choice for any type of setting. From line mazes to circular mazes and even square mazes, these are a great addition in any school. They’re also ideal for those with minimal space too.


Playground board games and grid markings are an excellent way to encourage fun and interaction in your school. From Snakes & Ladders to Ludo and even Chess, these games are perfect for break time and even outdoor learning as they teach strategy and more.


Targets are great games for the school playground because once again, they can be enjoyed by one single student or a group. They’re also accessible to all too. From a good old fashioned Dart Board to something a little more fun like our Turtle Target, lots of fun can be had by simply jumping on and off the targets or even using bean bags to throw and see who scores the most points.

Traditional Games

We have a range of traditional games too, from Hopscotch to Mirror Me and even games like Twister and Mr Wolf. These traditional games are great as they’re so incredibly versatile, providing fun at break times for one child to a group during a PE lesson.

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