1. What Are Thermoplastic Playground Markings Made From?

    What Are Thermoplastic Playground Markings Made From?

    All kinds of play enhance a child's opportunity for fun, growth and learning, especially playgrounds where adventurous little minds and bodies can completely run riot safely. Within well-designed playgrounds, children can benefit greatly from bright, beautiful thermoplastic markings - the most modern way to decorate a playground or public play space for children. 

    If you’re thinking of installing some colourful game patterns, cute animal imagery or court markings using thermoplastic, you’re probably curious as to what this innovative product is made from. It’s being paid for and being placed in a space where children will touch it, so it makes sense to do your due diligence and f

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  2. When Is The Best Time To Plan Your Playground Marking Updates?

    While our products here at Markings UK are built to last with 5 year warranties and a robust reputation, every playground will eventually arrive at a stage where it needs a little revamp or repair. The question for most however is when is the best time to plan your playground marking updates?

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  3. How To Help Kids Stay Healthy At School

    How To Help Kids Stay Healthy At School

    School is an incredibly important place for children who learn a huge range of skills everyday, attending academic subjects, understanding how to be independent, social and self-sufficient. Children also continually improve their cognitive skills in an educational environment.
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  4. Playground Painting VS Thermoplastic Markings: What’s The Difference?

    Looking for the perfect playground markings? In this article we’ll help you decide between the two most popular methods - painting or thermoplastic.
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  5. Your Guide To Playground Markings

    Your Guide To Playground Markings

    Despite their growing popularity, there are still a great deal of people who have little or even no experience of playground markings. With that in mind, we have constructed the ultimate guide to our thermoplastic playground markings to give you a greater knowledge into not only what they are but how your playground could benefit from them.
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  6. What Are The Best Playground Games For Kids To Play Together?

    What Are The Best Playground Games For Kids To Play Together?

    Playground markings are also fantastic for encouraging young ones to socialise. With that in mind, today we’re looking at the best playground games for kids to play together.
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  7. How To Choose The Right Playground Markings For Your School

    How To Choose The Right Playground Markings For Your School

    Children are encouraged to stay as active as possible and with the right playground markings, this is actually easier than you think. In fact, the right playground markings can have a huge impact on a playground and a child’s ability to enjoy themselves. Not only will the correct markings enhance a space but it can stimulate minds and encourage them to be inquisitive, creative and even learn without them realising.
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  8. The Best Playground Games List For Your School!

    The Best Playground Games List For Your School!

    Playground games aren’t just a great way to keep children entertained during their break times, they’re also a fantastic way to keep children active and help with vital development, especially for those of a younger age. From encouraging more socialisation amongst children to helping increase their fitness and even their own awareness of their health, it’s safe to say the benefits of playground games are obvious to the majority. The problem however, is choosing the right games for your school, especially when there are so many to choose from.

    Sports Courts

    Sports courts are a super versatile way to introduce games into a playground. Not only do they offer a perfectly laid out court for games such as netball, tennis, basketball and football but they can also be utilised when playing other games too, thanks to the definitive markings and divisions. Children can use their imaginations to create their own sports games or of

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  9. The Daily Mile Track - What Is It & Why Do You Need One?

    The Daily Mile Track - What Is It & Why Do You Need One?

    If you’ve browsed our equipment, you may have come across a marking known as the Daily Mile Running Track. This piece of equipment is utilised in line with the scheme known as the Daily Mile. If you haven’t heard of the Daily Mile - allow us to explain. The Daily Mile is there to help improve not only the physical but the emotional wellbeing of all children, regardless of factors such as age, ability or even personal circumstance. The Daily Mile is a physical activity that encourages children to walk, jog or run at their own pace, outside with their peers.

    While walking is allowed, jogging and running are further encouraged in order to get the blood pumping, the heart rate up and children awake and ready to learn. The Daily Mile scheme is now expanding, with local councils, schools and more making the most of this activity. Why? Because it works. Not only is it convenient, taking place on average in

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  10. The History Of Playground Markings

    Playgrounds began to appear in towns and schools around the 1950’s. They began as rather large sand pits and over time, they evolved. Playground equipment slowly took on a new meaning and as with most things in life, we as people evolved, learning what not to do and more importantly, what we should be doing, case in point, playground equipment safety and structure.
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