1. The History Of Playground Markings

    Playgrounds began to appear in towns and schools around the 1950’s. They began as rather large sand pits and over time, they evolved. Playground equipment slowly took on a new meaning and as with most things in life, we as people evolved, learning what not to do and more importantly, what we should be doing, case in point, playground equipment safety and structure.
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  2. The Benefits Of Playground Markings To Children’s Education

    Playground markings are a great way to breath new life into a tired playground. They’re inexpensive and can help create a plethora of different designs. Would you be surprised however, to learn that playground markings actually offer an incredible range of benefits to both school and student?
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  3. Welcome to Easy Markings!

    Welcome to Easy Markings!

    Welcome to Easy Markings! Playground markings experts. We’re a brand-new online store that caters for the easy ordering and installation of thermoplastic playground markings. Unlike other business’, we let you order our designs and installations online, with no need for lengthy site visits. This is all enabled by our robust ordering system.
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