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  1. The Best Playground Games List For Your School!

    The Best Playground Games List For Your School!

    Playground games aren’t just a great way to keep children entertained during their break times, they’re also a fantastic way to keep children active and help with vital development, especially for those of a younger age. From encouraging more socialisation amongst children to helping increase their fitness and even their own awareness of their health, it’s safe to say the benefits of playground games are obvious to the majority. The problem however, is choosing the right games for your school, especially when there are so many to choose from.

    Sports Courts

    Sports courts are a super versatile way to introduce games into a playground. Not only do they offer a perfectly laid out court for games such as netball, tennis, basketball and football but they can also be utilised when playing other games too, thanks to the definitive markings and divisions. Children can use their imaginations to create their own sports games or of

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  2. The Daily Mile Track - What Is It & Why Do You Need One?

    The Daily Mile Track - What Is It & Why Do You Need One?

    If you’ve browsed our equipment, you may have come across a marking known as the Daily Mile Running Track. This piece of equipment is utilised in line with the scheme known as the Daily Mile. If you haven’t heard of the Daily Mile - allow us to explain. The Daily Mile is there to help improve not only the physical but the emotional wellbeing of all children, regardless of factors such as age, ability or even personal circumstance. The Daily Mile is a physical activity that encourages children to walk, jog or run at their own pace, outside with their peers.

    While walking is allowed, jogging and running are further encouraged in order to get the blood pumping, the heart rate up and children awake and ready to learn. The Daily Mile scheme is now expanding, with local councils, schools and more making the most of this activity. Why? Because it works. Not only is it convenient, taking place on average in

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  3. Welcome to Easy Markings!

    Welcome to Easy Markings!

    Welcome to Easy Markings! Playground markings experts. We’re a brand-new online store that caters for the easy ordering and installation of thermoplastic playground markings. Unlike other business’, we let you order our designs and installations online, with no need for lengthy site visits. This is all enabled by our robust ordering system.
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